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Merseyside Disability Table Tennis Grand Prix

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

The Merseyside Disability Table Tennis Grand Prix will take place on the 6 / 7 December. It is a ranking tournament of British Table Tennis Association for People with Disabilities (BTTAD) – players must be a member of BTTAD to gain ranking points but the event is open to all players.

The event includes four competitions across the weekend; Doubles, Junior Singles, Open Singles and Class Singles.

To enter simply complete a form, including details of your classification.

Closing date for entries is Friday 14 November 2014

Download Tournament information and Entry Form

Merseyside Open Boccia Tournament

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
Photo by Craig Bascombe, eye4design

Photo by Craig Bascombe, eye4design


Congratulations to all the players who took part in a highly competitive and friendly competition held at Greenbank Sports Academy on 5th October. There were over a hundred competitors, who had travelled from as near as Fairfield to as far as Swansea.

Event organiser Steve Sullivan said “The standard of play was incredibly high, which is testament to the hard work of players, coaches and support staff in getting prepared for the event and encouraging fair play throughout the day.
I must also say a huge thank you to volunteers and referees who did an excellent job. The tournament ran smoothly and professionally, which is extremely important when we have so many competitors, from across the country.
We hope to encourage further development of this event for 2015 and look forward to seeing so many talented athletes participating again”.




Caroline Robinson (Stockport)          Winner
Nicholas Allen (Stockport)                  Runner up



Bradley Norman (East Midlands)      Winner
Calum Smith   (East Midlands)           Runner up


Lyndsey Gallagher (Fairfield)             Winner
Chris Morris (Stockport)                      Runner up



Gareth Stafford (Stockport)                 Winner
Mark Rowland (Greenbank)                Runner up



Pablo Rees (Swansea)                            Winner



Isabella Woods (Jigsaw)                       Winner
Mark O’Brien (Jigsaw)                          Runner up



Richard Batchelor (Swansea)              Winner
Tracy Lang (Greenbank)                      Runner up



Alice Kelly (Fairfield)                            Winner
Chris Dawson (Jigsaw)                         Runner up


Roy Styles (Greenbank)                        Winner
Ste Hunt (Fairfield)                               Runner up



Ben Corfield    (Jigsaw)                         Winner
Nathan Smith (East Midlands)            Runner up


Phil Ross (Jigsaw))                                Winner
Phil Morris (Fairfield)                           Runner up

Merseyside Ability Counts League

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


On 26 September Greenbank Sports Academy welcomed teams that play in the Physical Disability (PD) category; Sandfield A,B, C, D teams, Broadgreen and Woodchurch and those that play in the Severe Learning Disability (SLD) category; Palmerston A and B teams, Woodchurch, Cavendish, Wargrave House, Rowan Park and Redbridge, of the Merseyside Ability Counts League.

The league was established in 2009 to provide regular football opportunities for people with disability.

Sport Development Officer Steve Sullivan said “It’s so important that disabled people have an opportunity to take part in competitive sport and this league gives young people the chance to do just that.”

Results were:

PD Category
Broadgreen        3 – 0  Sandfield A
Broadgreen        7 – 1  Sandfield C
Broadgreen        6 – 0  Sandfield D
Sandfield A         3 – 0   Sandfield B
Sandfield A         2 – 0   Woodchurch
Sandfield A         3 – 2   Sandfield C
Sandfield B         3 – 1   Sandfield C
Sandfield B         4 – 0   Sandfield D
Sandfield B         0 – 5   Broadgreen
Sandfield C         3 – 1  Sandfield D
Sandfield C         2 – 0  Woodchurch
Sandfield D         2 – 0  Woodchurch
Sandfield D         0 – 3  Sandfield A
Woodchurch       0 – 2  Broadgreen
Woodchurch       0 – 2  Sandfield B

Broadgreen top the league with 15 points from 5 games.

SLD Category
Cavendish          0 – 5     Palmerston A
Cavendish          1 – 0     Redbridge
Cavendish          2 – 0     Wargrave House
Palmerston A 12 – 0 Palmerston B
Palmerston A    4 – 1     Woodchurch A
Palmerston A    7 – 0     Redbridge
Palmerston B    6 – 3     Redbridge
Palmerston B    3 – 1     Wargrave House
Palmerston B    2 – 4     Cavendish
Redbridge          1 – 2     Wargrave House
Redbridge          0 – 7     Woodchurch A
Wargrave           0 – 4     Woodchurch A
Wargrave           0 – 3     Palmerston A
Woodchurch A   2 – 1     Cavendish
Woodchurch A   5 – 0     Palmerston B

Palmerston A top the league with 15 points from 5 games.