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Dodgeball Tournament

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

Winning Team Knowsley Central

The biannual Dodgeball Tournament for Schools took place on Thursday 2 May at Greenbank Sports Academy. Eighty five pupils form seven schools came together to take part in this exciting game.

Pupils from Knowsley Central showed good form with Knowsley Central A winning the MLD Advanced section and Knowlsey Central C winning the MLD Interdermediate section. Cavendish High (Halton) won the intermediate PD/SLD Intermediate section and Merefield B won the Novice SLD section.

The days events were supported by students from Greenbank College, the Empower team and Panathlon Challenge who supplied staff, medals and certificates.

The tournament is part of the Merseyside Panathlon Schools Disability Events Programme that Greenbank Sports Academy host throughout the academic year. The competitions provide an opportunity for school pupils with physical disabilities and/or moderate / severe learning disabilities, to participate in competitive sports and promote inclusive sport in schools.

The results of the league were:

MLD Advanced Final

Knowsley Central A  3 v 2 Alt Bridge A

3rd / 4th place play off:

Knowsley Central B  3 v 2 Alt Bridge B


MLD Intermediate Final

Knowsley Central C  3 v 0 Lansbury Bridge

3rd / 4th place play off:

Sandfield Park A  3 v 1 Woodchurch High


PD/SLD Intermediate Final

Cavendish High  3 v 2 Merefield A

3rd place:

Palmerston A


Novice Section Final

Merefield B  3 v 0 Palmerston B

3rd place:

Sandfield Park B

Merseyside Schools take part in the PD/SLD Football Tournament

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Winning Team Sandfield Park A

Greenbank Sports Academy hosted the final football league date for pupils of Mersyside schools with physical disabilities (PD) and severe learning difficulties (SLD) on Friday 26 April. Over 250 children attended from 6 schools.

Lansbury Bridge B was a primary team so became automatic winners. Sandfield Park A won their last game 2 -1 against Palmerston A which clinched top spot. Sandfield Park C won their division having played more games than their F team who joined the league on second league date.

Congratulations to all those who took part, huge thanks to Mark Horlick from LCFA for funding the refs and court hire and to Panathlon Association for funding medals, certificates and staff at the events.

The results of the league were:

PD/SLD League Table

Pos Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Sandfield Park C 16 9 2 5 20
2 Sandfield Park F 10 8 1 1 17
3 Sandfield Park D 16 5 3 8 13
4 Woodchurch High 10 6 0 4 12
5 Sandfield Park E 16 3 1 12   6


SLD League Table – 1stDivision

Pos Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Sandfield Park A 10 6 3 1 15
2 Palmerston A 10 6 2 2 14
3 Broadgreen IS 10 2 2 6   6
4 Merefield A   6 0 1 5   1


SLD League Table – 2ndDivision

Pos Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Lansbury Bridge A 11   11 0 0 22
2 Palmerston B 11     4 1 6   9
3 Lansbury Bridge B 11     2 2 7   6
4 Merefield B   7     2 1 4   5

Sandfield Park A go unbeaten in the Wheelchair Handball Tournament

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Winning Team Sandfield Park A

35 children from 3 schools took part in the Wheelchair Handball event held on Monday 29th April. Sandfield Park A was the winner going unbeaten throughout the day. This was the first time some of these children had competed in a wheelchair event and they gave it their all.

Katy Calder from Merefield School said: “It was a great opportunity for the children to learn a new skill and compete in a friendly atmosphere.”

Many thanks to all the students from Greenbank College in supporting the event and to James Dixon who, together with his Empower Team, managed the event on the day. Thank you to Panathlon Association for their continued support with staff, medals and certificates.

The results of the league were:

Sandfield Park A 7 v 0 Sandfield Park B
Palmerston A 5 v 5 Palmerston B
Merefield 1 v 5 Sandfield Park A
Sandfield Park B 1 v 3 Palmerston A
Sandfield Park A 8 v 2 Palmerston B
Merefield 3 v 2 Sandfield Park B
Palmerston B 1 v 4 Merefield
Sandfield Park A 7 v 0 Palmerston A
Palmerston B 3 v 1 Sandfield Park B
Palmerston A 5 v 0 Merefield


3rd/4th place play off

Palmerston B 5 v 4 Palmerston A



Sandfield Park A 7 v 1 Merefield