Cricket Tournament 2018

SLD Secondary Division 1 winners, Lansbury Bridge

Greenbank Sports Academy’s sport development team organised a fabulous day of cricket for approximately 140 disabled children at Alder Cricket Club on 7th June.

Eight teams Merseyside schools; Sandfield Park, Merefield, Lansbury Bridge, Woodchurch High, Clare Mount, Chesnut Lodge, Alt Bridge and Crosby High, competed in four separate tournaments.

Organiser Steve Sullivan said:

“It’s been a fantastic day of cricket. Congratulations to all of the participants – we had some very close games and everyone had a great time.”

He added:

“Thank you to all the players, teachers, Lancashire Cricket Board umpires and to the individual volunteers and umpires/staff at Alder Cricket Club who made this event so successful.”


PD Secondary

Winners:                                  Sandfield Park D

SLD Secondary – Division 1  

Winners:                                  Lansbury Bridge

SLD Secondary – Division 2  

Winners:                                  Chesnut Lodge

MLD Competition

Winners:                                  Crosby High