Disabled school children from across Merseyside take part in the Panathlon Schools Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball Team from Alt Bridge

The Panathlon Schools Dodgeball tournament, held at Greenbank Sports Academy on Thursday 11 October, brought together 83 children from 7 schools across Merseyside. The tournament was held as part of the Merseyside Schools Disability events programme which gives disabled children the opportunity to take part in competitive sport .

Winners on the day included Crosby High (Sefton) in the Advanced Division, Alt Bridge A (Knowsley) in the Intermediate Division and Sandfield Park A (Liverpool) in the novice Division.

The event could not have been such a success if it wasn’t for the help of students from Greenbank College and LJMU foundation degree together with Greenbank Sports Academy Empower coaches. They all worked hard to ensure the event ran smoothly.

The event was funded by Panathlon.

Novice Final B Division

Winners:                        Merefield A

Runners up:                  Merefield B


Novice Final A Division

Winners:                        Sandfield Park A

Runners up:                  Sandfield Park B


Intermediate Division

Winners:                        Alt Bridge A

Runners up:                  Alt bridge B

3rdPlace:                       Lansbury Bridge

4thPlace:                       Knowsley Central B


Advanced Division

Winners:                        Crosby High

Runners up:                  Knowsley Central A

3rdPlace:                       Knowsley Central C

4thPlace:                       Clare Mount