Sports Hall Hire Terms & Conditions

The person who makes the booking  is deemed to be the responsible hirer and agrees to the following conditions and agrees to comply with them:

Acceptance, confirmation, charges & payments of bookings

  1. Bookings are made on completion of an online booking. Online booking is via ‘PitchBooking’ and payment can be made by using a stripe account (online payment).
  2. In person/over phone credit card, debit card or bank transfer payments can be organised directly with Academy staff.
  3. All facility hire payments are subject to the terms and conditions of hire.
  4. In order to use Pitchbooking users are required to register for an account via Greenbank’s T&C’S are accepted once a booking is processed online, and payment received.
  • Greenbank Sports Academy reserves the right to refuse access or entry to any person / persons without giving a reason.
  • A booking will not be deemed to be cancelled until Greenbank Sports Academy has received written notification. Any cancellation of block bookings by the facility users must be sent to
  • Greenbank Sports Academy will make every effort to carry out its part of the booking but cancellations may be necessary on some occasions.
  • Greenbank Sports Academy will not be held liable or be required to pay compensation for any loss incurred as a result of, or in any way arising out of a cancellation.
  • In the event of cancellation by the hirer less than 5 days before, the full amount will still be charged/invoiced.
  • Casual and single one off bookings require payment to be made at point of booking,
  • £150 deposit is required per day for large bookings. All booking deposits for larger bookings are non-refundable.


 Health & Safety, including Fire Regulations

  • The hirer must make all their users and guest aware that they are required to familiarise themselves with Greenbank Sports Academy’s Emergency procedures. Organisers are responsible for communicating the Health and Safety procedures and emergency evacuation procedure to their group as soon as possible after their arrival. This must include reference to emergency routes and exits
  • Additionally information on the Emergency procedure, including evacuation procedures, can be found at reception and brief instructions at all emergency alarm call points.
  • Authorised representatives of Greenbank Sports Academy shall have free access to facilities at all times.


 Insurance, Liability, Facilities, Equipment & Activities

  • Greenbank Sports Academy does not accept liability for loss of, or damage to property, articles or things placed or left on Greenbank Sports Academy premises by the hirer or visitors.
  • The hirer agrees to indemnify and to keep Greenbank Sports Academy indemnified, against liabilities, loss, damage, expenses, costs and claims by any person in respect of injury or loss or damage to property however it is caused during the use of Greenbank Sports Academy premises by the hirer.
  • The hirer will be responsible for the activities that take place. The hirer is responsible for:
    – Ensuring the facilities to be used are suitable for the activity and safe for use by the group
    – Ensuring that all equipment meets the standard in force at the time of the event. The hirer must check the facility and the equipment prior to use—any defective equipment is not to be used and must be reported to the Duty Manager
  • The hirer must not use, or allow to be used, any of Greenbank Sports Academy’s equipment without the prior consent of Greenbank Sports Academy. Greenbank Sports Academy will ensure all equipment is safe to use prior to undertaking any activity.
  • The hirer is required to comply with any reasonable request from a member of staff.
  • The hirer should ensure that he/she or his/her representative is present throughout the booking
  • Greenbank Sports Academy does not accept any responsibility for action of minors. Minors must be under the control of the hirer at all times.
  • The hirer must provide such number of competent supervisors as may, in the opinion of Greenbank Sports Academy, be necessary, in relation to the activity and the number involved.
  • The hirer shall be responsible for the following:
    – The good conduct of all those participating in the booking, including spectators.
    – The liaison with Greenbank Sports Academy staff when called upon during the booking.
    – The supervision of all persons attending the booking to ensure their safety, and the     protection of Greenbank Sports Academy property.
    – In the event of a fire alarm, the compliance of all persons attending the booking with any  relevant Fire Safety instruction, whether displayed in notices or issued verbally by Greenbank Sports Academy staff is required.
    – The prompt reporting of any accident, injury, illness or incident to the Duty Manager. In the case of accidents, a Greenbank Sports Academy Accident Form must be completed and submitted to the Duty Manager. Accident forms are available from reception.
    – The provision and cost of adequate First Aid cover (and medical/ambulance cover as deemed necessary) during the period of hire. Organisers must seek the advice of the Health & Safety Executive to ascertain the correct cover of first aid and medical/ambulance requirements in their specific circumstances. Invoices – If invoice details are different to those overleaf, please enter details here Restrictions & Conditions of use continued
  • Greenbank Sports Academy operates a No Smoking policy in all indoor areas.
  • Animals, with the exception of assistance dogs, are not permitted on Greenbank Sports Academy premises.
  • No alcohol is to be sold by the hirer without prior written consent of Greenbank Sports Academy.
  • The purchase or use of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden.
  • No publicity material may be affixed to any Greenbank Sports Academy building without the prior written consent of Greenbank Sports Academy
  • Food or drink can only be brought into Greenbank Sports Academy with the prior approval of a Duty Manager and must only be consumed within designated areas. Glass bottles and other glass containers or objects must not be taken into toilets, showers, changing room or sports hall.
  • Strictly no chewing gum or spitting in the sports hall.
  • The making of unnecessary noise and the use of radios, cassette/CD/iPods and musical instruments at the centre are prohibited unless prior approval obtained from the centre manager.
  • No high-heeled shoes are allowed to be worn in the sports hall.
  • Unauthorised tape, markings or any other adhesive should not be put down on the sports hall floor. If this is ignored the facility users in questions could be charged for any cleaning or damage made to the floor.
  • There is strictly no climbing, walking or sitting on seating when acting as centre boards. Greenbank Sports Academy shall NOT be held responsible for any injuries. The event organiser will also be held responsible if any of their party causes any damage to the seating area.
  • Any incidents that cause damage or have the potential to cause damage/harm to equipment/people must be reported to a member of staff immediately. For example, liquid on the Sports hall floor may cause someone to slip over and injure themselves.
  • Any specific equipment that is required for a session must be set up within the time slot that has been booked. For example, if a booking has been made between 8pm—9pm and nets/goals, etc. are required, this must be done from 8pm and cleared away before 9pm so that the court is ready for the next booking.


Behaviour & Damage

  • The hirer will be answerable for the good order and conduct of the group.
  • All Greenbank Sports Academy policies and procedures must be observed in so far as they relate to the facilities being hired.
  • The hirer accepts responsibility for any damage caused to Greenbank Sports Academy facilities during the period of hire by the group and will be liable for the costs of rectifying the damage.
  • In the event of a serious incident or misbehaviour, such as fighting, racial abuse, harassment, use of illegal substances or damage to property, Greenbank Sports Academy will insist that organisers make arrangements to remove the group from Greenbank Sports Academy property immediately.



  • Complaints regarding the services and facilities provided should be made in writing and addressed to the Duty Manager, Greenbank Sports Academy Greenbank Lane, Liverpool, L17 1AG
  • Disclaimer
  • Greenbank Sports Academy will accept no liability in respect of people of hiring Greenbank Sports Academy Sports Facilities, for the loss of or damage to property or any injuries sustained, or damage to third parties. Persons wishing to indemnify themselves against any of these liabilities should affect their own insurance.


Children and the use of Greenbank Sports Academy & Leisure Facilities

  • Greenbank Sports Academy welcomes appropriately supervised children to use the Sports facilities. However, please note that some restrictions on use may apply in certain circumstances.
  • Many areas of the Greenbank Sports Academy can be potentially hazardous to children and so we would draw your attention to Greenbank Sports Academy’s Health & Safety Policy and to any other Health & Safety procedures in operation by other parties.