Gong Bath Success

Ondrey Botkoveli

Ondrey Botkoveli – Gong Practitioner

Dorothy Lambert at the Gong Bath

Dorothy Lambert

A few months ago Greenbank was approached by Dorothy Lambert, a former student at Greenbank College, with a unique fundraising idea – to host our own Gong Bath.

Greenbank’s Marketing Manager Elizabeth Brocklehurst said ‘When Dorothy got in touch I had no idea what a Gong Bath was but was pleased that she wanted to support our charity. So I did my research and found out that Gong Baths are used as a form of meditation and relaxation using sound waves. I’m always open to new ideas and thought why not?’

All we needed to do was supply the venue and Dorothy and the Gong Practioner, Ondray Botkoveli did the rest – covering all costs for us. This meant that we could keep all proceeds from ticket sales.

The event, held on 21 April 2013, promoted a tremendous response from the local community and 56 people came to support it. This meant that more than £400 was raised to support activities for disabled people.

Dorothy said ‘I am delighted that so many people had an opportunity to benefit from this unique experience at the same time as helping an important local community organisation’.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making the Gong Bath a success. Particular thanks to Dorothy and Ondray for supporting Greenbank.