Greenbank become Activity Alliance members

Greenbank are proud to announce that we have recently become an Activity Alliance member. As members of Activity Alliance, we will be working together to help reduce the fairness gap in inactivity for disabled people.

Disabled people are twice as likely to be inactive than non-disabled people and the pandemic has impacted on any improvements to this that have made over the last few years. During the initial lockdown period (March to May 2020) statistics show 10.3% more disabled people were inactive, compared to the same period in the previous year. This is compared to 7.1% more for non-disabled people*. In their Achieving Fairness Strategy for 2021-2024, Activity Alliance have set goals to:

1. Embed inclusive practice into organisations

2. Change attitudes towards disabled people in sport and activity 

Greenbank are looking forward to working together with Activity Alliance as well as other members to achieve this. As part of our membership, we will also commit to creating and implementing a Lead improvement plan to help improve disability equality in sport and activity in the Liverpool City Region.

Greenbank have also been appointed the Regional Representative in the North West region.  We will represent and vote on behalf of the region at Activity Alliance’s Annual/Extraordinary General Meetings. We will also work with the Activity Alliance Engagement team to run regional Activity Alliance Days, meetings and forums. 

Greenbank is proud to be an Activity Alliance member and part of a leading movement for change. We support the charity’s vision of fairness for disabled people in sport and activity. We are committed to working collaboratively with Activity Alliance and our fellow members to ensure that more disabled people can live active lives. 

Mark Palmer, Greenbanks Sports Development Manager and acting Regional Representative contact said:

“Greenbank are proud to be a member of Activity Alliance and also be the North West Regional Representative. We look forward to working closer with like-minded organisations across the region who have a clear commitment to working together to improve inactivity levels for disabled people, and improve the regional infrastructure”.

Who are Activity Alliance?

Activity Alliance was established in 1998, then known as English Federation of Disability Sport. Their aim is to close the gap between disabled and non-disabled people’s activity levels by working with members to tackle the fairness gap in sport and activity opportunities available for disabled people.

*Activity Alliance – Achieving Fairness. Activity Alliance Strategy 2021-2024.