Greenbank College team named the winners in the football mini league

Greenbank A - Adult ML-1

The winners of this month’s adult football mini league tournament were Greenbank College’s A-team. They were undefeated for four consecutive weeks in the league and continued to gain confidence leading up to the final week.  On Wednesday 25th February, Greenbank College A were unbeaten in 4 games and left the competition victorious with 38 points.

Over 40 players from across Merseyside took part in this month’s competition.

Choices Merseyside Sport Development Officer Steve Sullivan said

“Congratulations to all the teams who took part this month. I hope this league will go from strength to strength, and continue to be a place where players can take part in a competitive sport with a friendly atmosphere. The next fixtures start 7th October 2015, Greenbank Sports Academy would like to welcome both individuals and teams to come along and compete. Any individuals will be assigned into a team by our sports coaches on arrival.”

Mini leagues take place at Greenbank Sports Academy most Wednesdays from 6 – 8pm and focus on a different sport each month. Contact for details.