Greenbank Open Boccia Tournament 2018 Results


BC1 Winner Caroline Robinson (Greenbank Giants)

BC1 Winner Caroline Robinson (Greenbank Giants)

BC2 Winner Jake Smith (Stockport)

BC2 Winner Jake Smith (Stockport)

Greenbank Sports Academy played host to the Greenbank Open Boccia Tournament on 21st January and welcomed 53 players from across the country.

Organiser Steve Sullivan said:
“This was a great tournament, with a high standard of play throughout the day. Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to referees and volunteers who did an excellent job to help the tournament run so smoothly and efficiently.”


Caroline Robinson (Greenbank Giants) 16 v 0 Gabby Hughes (Boccia Sheffield)


Jake Smith (Stockport) 5 v 1 Chris Morris (Blackpool Boccia)

Gareth Stafford (Greenbank Giants) 7 v 3 Mark Rowland (Greenbank Giants)

David Burns (Blackpool Boccia) 6 v 3 Derek Sked (Southern Boccia)

Kyle Martin (Boccia Sheffield) 7 v 1 Carla Woods (Blackpool Boccia)

Dan Wilson (Cheshire Academy) 5 v 1 Nathan Smith (East Midlands)

To encourage further development of Boccia we have a team event for players with a disability on Sunday 18th March 2018 at Greenbank Sports Academy.

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018