Wheelchair user playing wheelchair basketball placed on a graphical background

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is one of the original Paralympic sports, developed in the late 1940’s as rehabilitation for patients with a spinal cord injury.

It soon developed as a competitive sport and is suitable for players with a wide range of disabilities. Able bodied players are also eligible to play and are able to do so competitively for clubs playing in divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4. A points system is used to classify players according to their disability – able bodied players are classified as 5 points whereas players with a high level of disability are classified as 1 point. The total number of points permitted on court at any time is 12.

The sport offers you many benefits including a great workout, increased speed and agility and the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and work as a team.

Wheelchair Basketball Sessions

  •  Develop your wheelchair basketball skills
  • Wheelchair and non-wheelchair users welcome
  • Qualified coaches including Paralympian Bronze medallist Abdi Jama
  • Competitive opportunities available
  • All ability levels welcome

We don’t currently have any planned sessions for Wheelchair Basketball. If you are interested in any future sessions please contact Steve Sullivan 07835 537 292 · steve.sullivan@greenbank.org.uk