Wheelchair user playing bocci on a graphical background


Boccia can be played as an individual or team sport and has been designed for people with a severe level of physical / learning disability. Males and females compete together and a classification system operates so that players compete with other players of similar levels of ability.

Based on bowls or boules the game is played on a badminton sized court. Players have a set of 6 balls (either red or blue) which are thrown, kicked or ramped to a white target ball (the jack) and points are scored by those closest to the jack.

When played as an individual sport, players play 4 ends, whilst teams play 6 ends.

Playing Boccia improves co-ordination, self-control and accuracy and offers a great way to meet new people and develop communication skills.

Greenbank Giants Boccia Club

The Greenbank Giants Boccia club is open to players of all abilities with learning and/or physical disabilities. Players can compete in the National Boccia League.

Monday 4 – 6pm
See What’s on for the date of the next session
Age: 5+
Club Fee: £4 per session

Booking is advised. Please contact Sophie Coyne greenbankgiants@gmail.com