Two people riding a side by side bike on a graphical background


Disability Cycling groups are put into categories according to their physical ability.

Three categories are available:

  • Cycling
  • Tricycling
  • Handcycling

Empower Adaptive Cycling Programme

The Empower Adaptive Cycling Programme gives disabled people, their family and friends, the opportunity to cycle together. A variety of bikes are available for participants and are suitable for people with a range of disabilities. The sessions are 30 minutes and take part indoors.

Wednesday 10am – 12 noon

Age: 8+ & Adults
See What’s on for the date of the next session

Cost: £3
Sessions must be booked in advance – Contact James Dixon 07946 902 173

James is deaf so please send texts only or call 0151 280 7757 to leave a message or to speak with James’ interpreter or email