Flexi-Bounce is the use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder that compliments Rebound Therapy. It is used to provide therapeutic exercise for children and adults across a wide range of additional needs.

Flexi-Bounce Trampoline

Flexi-Bounce Therapy can provide many of the huge numbers of benefits of Rebound Therapy, for children and adults across virtually the whole spectrum of disabilities and additional needs.

Some of these benefits include the development and improvement of:

  • Strength of limbs
  • Relaxation
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Muscle tone
  • Height and depth perception
  • Fun and enjoyment!

Flexi-bounce trampoline Hire

Flexi-bounce trampolines are available to hire for private sessions.

Contact Mark Palmer for further details. Email mark.palmer@greenbank.org.uk or call 07576 275 846.