Wheelchair user playing power hockey placed on a graphical background

Power Hockey

Power Hockey is a hockey game that young electric wheelchair users can play which has been developed by Greenbank Sports Academy over the past 10 years.

Specialist electric wheelchairs have been developed in partnership with the North West Training Council which allow the player to push the ball along and tackle one another. The latest version of the chair will also allow players to shoot the ball at the press of a button.

Children play the game with their non-disabled friends, coaches and siblings and often, because disabled children use an electric wheelchair on a daily basis, they are much better players, which is a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Power Hockey gives severely disabled children an opportunity to play a fast, contact sport for the first time. The sport is currently being developed in the Merseyside area, but the plan is to develop the game into a national / international sport.

Greenbank Power Hockey Club

If you are a powerchair user and you would like to play a fast, furious team games – then this club is for you. The game is played in specialist electric wheelchairs that allow chair contact as part of the game.

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