Leigh A are the worthy winners in the Panathlon Challenge Deaf Football Tournament 2018

Deaf Football Tournament Winners Leigh A

The Panathlon Challenge Deaf Football Tournament took place on 29 November 2018 at Greenbank Sports Academy. 30 pupils took part from 5 schools across the North West. Leigh A from Lancashire stormed through the first rounds unbeaten including winning 8-0 against Leigh B. The final saw them play against Pendle Vale who lost with a score of 2-0. Sefton were placed 3rd after a tense round of penalties after they drew against Wigan 2-2.

Many thanks to referees from LCFA who ensured the competition was played in a fair competitive manner and to staff from Greenbank Sports Academy who organised the fixtures on the day. Thanks too to Panathlon Challenge for providing the funding, medals and certificates for the children.

Deaf Football Tournament Results

Pendle Vale 1 1 Leigh A
Leigh B 0 4 Sefton
Wigan 0 3 Pendle Vale
Leigh A 8 0 Leigh B
Sefton 4 1 Wigan
Pendle Vale 4 0 Leigh B
Leigh A 3 0 Sefton
Wigan 6 0 Leigh B
Pendle Vale 2 2 Sefton


Semi Finals

Leigh A 3 0 Wigan
Pendle Vale 1 0 Sefton


Runner-Up Places

Sefton 2 2 Wigan

Sefton won on penalties to finish 3rd



Leigh A 2 0 Pendle Vale