Lord’s Taverners County PD Boccia Tournament 2014

Chestnut Lodge

Well done to everyone who took part in the Lord’s Taverners’ PD Boccia Tournament 2014 on 10 November at Greenbank Sports Academy.

The main purpose of the event was to select the 8 teams to represent Merseyside, in the Lord’s Taverners’ Regional Tournament, due to take place in February 2015 at the same venue.

The 4 qualifying teams in the PD section are Broadgreen International School A, Broadgreen International School B, Woodchurch High and South Wirral High.

Lansbury Bridge, Mosslands High, Chesnut Lodge B and Bluebell Park C will be representatives in the Pan Disability Section.

Event organiser Steve Sullivan said “A huge thank you to all the volunteers and referees who did an excellent job to help the tournament run as smoothly as possible. Special thanks to Rachel Crack from Boccia England for providing the medals and trophies and Sam Williams who organised the results table so professionally and ensured the tournament finished on time”

Primary Age Group – Lord’s Taverners

Winners:              Bluebell Park A

Runners up:         Chesnut Lodge A

Primary Age Group – Pan Disability

 Winners:              Bluebell Park B

Secondary Age Group – Lord’s Taverners semi finals

Broadgreen IS B             7    v       South Wirral High   1

Broadgreen IS A            4     v       Woodchurch High   1

3rd & 4th Place play off

 South Wirral High       4     v       Woodchurch High   3


Broadgreen IS B              9    v        Broadgreen IS A       1

Secondary Age Group – Pan Disability semi finals

Lansbury Bridge              4    v        Mosslands High      1

Chesnut Lodge B              4    v       Bluebell Park C         2

3rd & 4th Place play off

 Bluebell Park C                 5    v       Mosslands High      3


Lansbury Bridge                6     v      Chesnut Lodge B      0