Merseyside Ability Counts – College League

Greenbank Sports Academy’s Sports Development Team has been working with Mark Horlick, Disability Development Officer at the County FA to create a College League open to disabled players who are students at local Colleges.

The first fixture, played at the Sports Academy on 25th November, attracted eight teams from Carmel College (2 teams), City of Liverpool College, Greenbank College (3 teams), Hugh Baird College and Knowsley Community College and was used to split teams into two divisions, according to playing ability.

The new College Premier League will consist of:
Greenbank AFC

Hugh Baird

Greenbank Utd

Knowsley Community College

Riverside College 1

The Championship will include:
Sports Academy FC

Carmel College 2

Carmel College 1

City of Liverpool

Riverside College 2

Mark Horlick commented: “It was a great event and it’s great to have disabled students from all these local colleges involved with the league.”

The season will include three more league dates and cup competition, which will be played in June 2016.

Results and league table.