Merseyside Para Open Table Tennis Competition

The Merseyside Para Open Table Tennis Competition will take place at Greenbank Sports Academy on 12th December 2015.

The event is a ranking tournament of British Table Tennis Association for People with Disabilities (BTTAD). Although players must be a member of BTTAD to gain ranking points, the tournament itself is open to all players, making the competition a fully inclusive event for all who wish to attend.

There will be four competitions across the weekend; Doubles, Junior Singles, Open Singles and Class Singles.

Over 40 people from throughout Britain have registered so far. Players from Cardiff, Newport, Troon, London and Newcastle are expected to travel up to Liverpool for the exciting event.

Noticeable players who have entered so far are the Current European Champion Class 1 Rob Davies, GB Pathway squad player Daniel Bullen, and Conor McAdam.