Panathlon Challenge Swimming Gala helps low ability swimmers gain confidence

Winning Team from Merefield celebrating their win

38 disabled children took part in the Panathlon Swimming Gala held at Lansbury Bridge School on Thursday 4 October 2018. The event was open to low ability swimmers or non-swimmers to encourage their confidence and swimming ability in a fun competition which included raft races, treasure hunts and relay races.

The overall winners were Merefield School from Sefton who overcame Chestnut Lodge School (Halton) by 3 points. Other schools who participated were Sandfield Park (Liverpool), Woodchurch High School (Wirral) and Lansbury Bridge School (St Helens).

The event was funded by Panathlon Challenge and supported by Greenbank Sports Academy staff and volunteers.

A huge thank you to Lansbury Bridge School for providing the pool and being so hospitable on the day.


Sefton 1
Halton 2
Liverpool 3
Wirral 4
St Helens 5