Power Hockey gets the thumbs up from local school children

Team from Broadgreen School win Power Hockey Tournament

After more than a decade of development and thanks to partnership working with Jaguar Land Rover and North West Training Council (for the required engineering expertise), we held a Merseyside Power Hockey Tournament involving 8 teams from 6 local schools, on Monday 12 May.

Power Hockey enables disabled children; particularly those using electric wheelchairs, to take part in a contact team sport, alongside their non-disabled peers, using a purpose built wheelchair. The chair enables players to pass and shoot a ball using a unique propulsion mechanism and have fun in a fast, competitive team sport.

The tournament, involving approximately 50 disabled and non-disabled children, was fiercely fought, with Broadgreen International School eventually declared champions, after the final against Saint Francis Xavier (SFX) went to penalties.

The tournament also included teams from Mosslands, Woodchurch High, St Mary’s and Sandfield Park schools.

Gerry Kinsella; Greenbank’s Chief Executive and driving force behind the development of this sport said

“It’s fantastic to see the level of enjoyment and competition that has been demonstrated at this tournament. This would not have been possible without the support of many people, particularly charitable trusts including: The Peter Harrison Foundation, Tesco Charitable Trust, People’s Postcode Trust and Medicash Charitable Trust. Also the engineering expertise provided by apprentices from Jaguar Land rover and North West Training Council, who have produced these fantastic chairs, to our exact specification.

Disabled children, like all children need to experience and enjoy the benefits of participation in a team sport. This chair enables severely disabled children to compete with their non disabled peers, on a level playing field and it really is great to see.

It is our dream to offer contact power hockey locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for the benefit of disabled players.”  

Power Hockey sessions are offered as part of the Choices Programme, funded by St James’s Place Foundation and run 5 – 6pm every Wednesday.